About Us

Welcome to Madeebylexi! My name is Lexi and I am the owner of Madeebylexi! I am currently in Physician Assistant school in NYC.  Besides my love for medicine, I have always had a creative side to me.


Thinking back a few years, to the beginning of 2016, the idea of having my own jewelry company was just a dream! It all started by making a single necklace for myself, which lead to my friends asking for one. One necklace became two, which became a few more, and soon my so called hobby became a business! Because of my friends and customers, just like you, Madeebylexi has spread to people all over the world. It truly is a dream come true!

When Madeebylexi launched in February of 2016, I wanted to make Madeebylexi unique, affordable and philanthropic. My grandmother has been suffering with Alzheimer’s disease for over 10 years. In order to support my grandmother and incorporate helping others, I added a charitable aspect to Madeebylexi. With every piece of jewelry purchased, $1.00 is donated to Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. Together we can find a cure to this disease!

 To help others, Madeebylexi has also created a collection called “Jewelry Line Charities,” which raises money and awareness for different organizations. Do you know of someone who is suffering from a disease or know an organization that you would like to support? Reach out to Madeebylexi and let’s make it happen!

Remember when you shop with Madeebylexi, you are shopping for a cause!